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In 2016,wall insulation materials and building energy conservation industry are in a period of rapid development

In 2016,wall insulation materials and building energy conservation industry are in a period of rapid development

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Relevant data show that the wall thermal insulation materials and energy-saving building industry is in rapid development period, the past five years, environmental protection new type wall materials, especially new wall insulation materials production at a rate of about 20% a year. Traditional high-energy building materials are gradually replaced by new building materials, which will fade out of the market. The new building energy conservation and insulation materials will usher in excellent development opportunities. At present, China's building insulation materials industry is divided into two major markets, namely, new buildings and existing buildings, according to the service objects and stages.

1. New building insulation material market scale.

The new building insulation market demand is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, a new type of urbanization has driven a large influx of rural population into the city, bringing a lot of new housing demand. According to the UN population agency, China's urbanization rate will reach 61% in 2020, with a total population of 1.387 billion. In terms of current residential area of 32.9 square meters per capita, China's 2020 urban housing demand will reach more than 200 square meters, namely exterior area will be more than 50 billion square meters, according to the "five-year plan" 50% of the energy saving standard, calculated according to the input on average $150 per square meter, energy-efficient buildings to invest 7.5 trillion yuan. With the rapid development of urbanization in China, the new construction area of new public buildings, mainly residential buildings, has been growing for a long time, which opens up the space for the demand of residential insulation materials.

Second, the rise of urban agglomeration requires the promotion of basic public services in towns and cities, which will promote the construction of schools, hospitals, sports and gymnasiums and other service facilities. Compared with residential buildings, the external wall insulation of public buildings promotes the development of thermal insulation market.

Thirdly, in terms of policy, the future construction of affordable housing also provides a broad market for the application of energy-saving thermal insulation materials. According to the 12th five-year plan, the state should increase the construction of low-income housing projects and accelerate renovation of shantytowns. The national development and reform commission (NDRC) has asked for 36 million government-subsidized housing projects to be built over the next five years, bringing the coverage of affordable housing to 20%.

It is estimated that the new construction area of China will be 1.16 billion ~2 billion square meters each year. If the area of the outer wall is 2.5 times of the gross floor area, the new external wall area will be 4 billion ~ 4.75 billion square meters per year. In the future, the market demand of new buildings for energy conservation and insulation materials will continue to grow rapidly.

2. The market size of existing building energy conservation reform

First, the existing residential insulation improvement, including the northern heating areas and hot summer and cold winter region, to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the indoor thermal environment is of great significance.

Second, energy conservation reform of public buildings. Housing has been preliminarily determine nearly 40 cities nationwide as "twelfth five-year" period public key cities for the construction energy conservation transformation, each of the public building energy efficiency renovation project can enjoy subsidies 20 yuan/square meters. By 2015, the city public building energy consumption per unit area will decline by more than 20%, among them, the large public buildings energy consumption per unit floor area will drop by more than 30%, each city reconstruction over the next two years to complete a construction area of not less than 4 million square meters, the market size of about 400 billion yuan.

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