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Nanjing Hongbaoli Polyurethane Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Hongbaoli Polyurethane Co., Ltd. established in December 2007 with an area of over 135,000 M3, is specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of formulated polyol for environmental friendly PU rigid foam, capacity ranks among the top in the world.

HBL Products are widely used in refrigerators, freezers, cold chain logistics, building insulation and other fields, and group has established good cooperative relationship with the world's top 500 and domestic well-known white goods manufacturers. Market share in middle and high-end applications market keeps ranking in the forefront for many years. Relying on the advantages of R&D platforms such as the Group's enterprise technology center and post-doctoral research workstations, HBL has completely independent intellectual property rights, masters core technologies, and leads the technological progress and industrial upgrading of in PU rigid foam formulated polyol industry.

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