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Key research fields
The field of polyurethane:
It mainly engages in the development and application research of polyether/ester polyols. According to market requirements and technology trends, through the tracking development and research, the process technology on raw materials, processes, technologies and product performances improves continuously, the technical content and added value of polyether products   increases, leading the technological progress of polyurethane industry in China and enhancing our industry international competitiveness.
The field of alkanolamine:
It mainly engages in the development and research of production and application technology of alkanolamine and its extended chemicals. Through the development and research of new technologies and new processes of alkanolamine and its downstream products (including pharmaceutical intermediates and cement grinding aids), the product quality of alkanolamine gets improved, energy consumption and pollutant emission during the production becomes reduced, promoting the technological progress and industrial upgrading of alkanolamine industry in China.
The field of new material:
It mainly engages in the development and research of new energy-saving materials. It conducts the development and research on materials preparation and production technology of high flame-retardant insulation board, polyurethane thermal insulation board in subgrade and other special polyurethane products, and constantly provides products with high technological content and good performance-price ratio for society, practicing the corporate philosophy of “energy-saving, environmental protection and dedication to society”, and gradually,becoming the main force in R & D of new materials area in our country.
The field of propylene oxide(PO):
It mainly engages in the research on the preparation process of PO and the development of PO derivatives. Centering on the upward integration and extension strategy of the industrial chain, the industrial chain of PO-polyether, PO-alkanolamine and  related derivatives is established to promote the transformation and upgrading from traditional industries to new materials ones.