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Sustainable development

Sustainable development

1.Safety and environmental protection 

The company persists in the strategic direction of sustainable development such as upholding the safety policy of "safety first,prevention crucial,full staff participation, comprehensive management" and the environmental policy of "continuously improving the environment and creating a green home", ensuring the product quality and safety in production,preventing and curing of environmental pollution and other public hazards to ensure personal health and promote harmonious development of society,ecology and economy under the HSE management system.


2.The lean production management promotion

On the basis of 5S, the company will continue to create lean production management mode thoroughly starting with on-site visualization to improve the staff ability for discovering problem and optimize the scene gradually, improving the management level of intrinsic safety combined with the requirements of safety and environmental protection. (The picture shows the staff checking dress code before the morning meeting.)



3.The non-fluorinated production of blended polyol

The company focuses on the development research of eliminating foaming agent ODS in the industry, was the first to realize the upgrading from high fluorine, low fluorine to non fluorine in the same industry of China and reduced the ODS emissions which has filled the domestic technology gap and laid the technical foundation for fulfilling the obligations of the "Montreal Protocol".


4. PSM (Process Safety Management) Propulsion 

The company uses the safety standardization as carrier to identify and control risk more detailed and deeply to further enhance the safety management level in chemical production process. The company promotes territorial management and full staff participation for completely changing the concept of employees: changed concepts of "Safety is a matter of security officer" and "Safety management is a matter of safety management department" into "Safety is my business" and "Safety management is the business of every manager". 

(The picture shows Nanjing HBL Alkyol Amines limited company as an outstanding representative of PSM pilot enterprises in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park.)



5."Three low and one fast" blended polyol promotion

The company develops and applies "three low and one fast" (low K-value, low density, low exponential type and quick demoulding) blended polyol which can improve foam insulation performance and customer production efficiency to reduce resource consumption, to save electricity and indirectly reduce carbon emissions.


6. Fire safety games & contingency plan exercise

In June 2015, the company organized the 20th militia Fire safety games & contingency plan exercise for large-scale activities, the event coopered with the fire department which had separately carried out military boxing performances, firefighting competitions, chemical leakage treatment and environmental protection drill and so on. The activity invited relevant leader of provinces, cities and districts to participate, and a medal of "Jiangsu Province Safety Culture Demonstration Enterprise" was awarded to the company on the spot by the leader of the provincial Safety Supervision Bureau.

The fire safety games & contingency plan exercise has been held every year since 1996 and has been upheld for 23 times.

(The picture shows The 20th militia fire safety games & contingency plan exercise of HBL Alkyol Amines chemical group.)