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Main discharge platform is 4.1V(vs. Li+/Li) ;

High energy density;

Mixed well with ternary material in different proportions ;

Good match of discharge platforms of ternary/LMFP composite materials.


Excellent safety performance ascribe to its olivine structure;

Greatly increased thermal stability performance of the ternary cathode/LMFP composite material , because the heat generated by the ternary material will be effectively blocked by LMFP and it has good space heat dissipation;

Significantly increased overcharge tolerance ;

No fire, rupture and explosion of the cell when nail and overcharge test.


Excellent structural stability, close to lithium iron phosphate, significantly superior than ternary material;

Excellent high temperature cycling stability, superior than LMO.


Primary particle size : 50-100 nm;

Discharge special capacity is 147 mAh/g(2.70-4.25V,@0.1C);

Good ion diffusivity and electronic conductivity , owning to the nano-sized primary particles and highly uniform carbon coating


Outstanding electrochemical performance under low temperature.


Transportation and Industrial: electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric tools etc.

Electric Grid: power generation transient control systems, renewable integration (solar and wind) etc.