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Enterprise Responsibility

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1.For Nation, “Take the initiative to pay taxes” Undertake the economic responsibility

Hongbaoli consistently sticks to pay taxes in law, lists annual revenue target to annual business objective, ensures taxes paid in accordance with profit and contributes to local economic construction. Hongbaoli is on the first list of tax inspection exemption enterprises in Nanjing, and is awarded “A” tax grade company. It is also named as large taxpayer for years.




2.For Customers, “Cooperate to win-win situation” Implement the service responsibility.

Service with loyalty, operation with sincerity, supply housekeeper service for customers, Hongbaoli keep growing up with customers together and establish long term strategic cooperation with them to reach the win-win cooperation.

3.For Staff, “Provide developing platform” Highlight the humanity responsibility

Stick to “People-Oriented” philosophy, respect and guarantee fundamental rights of staff, Hongbaoli treat our staff as precious wealth, motivate staff positivity and creativity by multi-channels and multi-aspects, strive to make staff happy, create harmonious company and share great opportunities.


4.For shareholders,“Excellent achievement” Fulfill the fiduciary responsibility

In the year of 2007, Hongbaoli was listed officially in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first company of polyurethane rigid foam blended polyol industry listed in   A-shares market. During ten years after listed in stock market, Hongbaoli always insist on regular operation, risk avoid, positively fulfill fiduciary responsibility and return to customers with good performance.

5.For Society, “Enthusiastic about public welfare” Focus on society responsibility

In the moment of developing economy greatly, Hongbaoli return to society positively by various manners, focus on fulfilling society responsibilities such as support education, care vulnerable groups and popularize national culture. We still positively participate into society public activities on education, culture and disaster rescue nationwide.