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polyurethane insulation panel

polyurethane insulation panel

Through chemical modification, blended polyol used for polyurethane insulation panel is inserted with nitrogen and phosphorus changing chain structure of polyurethane, which overcomes flame retardant easy moving of traditional retardant technology and second foaming of PIR foam, making molecular structure more stable and retardant effectiveness not damping.


Polyurethane insulation composite panel is manufactured by one step pressing with rigid foam as core material and flexible inorganic membrane as surface layer of two sides in continuous production line. The product has low thermal conductivity, high flame retardant performance and good dimensional stability bonded to wall and decorative layer easily. The panel is cut by numerical control with high dimensional accuracy. In addition, the product should meet corresponding fireproofing rating requirements by application situation.



Technical parameters and dimensions specification


 Technical arameters



 Dimension specifications


Performance advantages


(1)Lower thermal conductivity and lasting dimensional stability



Adopting patent technology to produce rigid foam, obtain high cell close and keep the framework of hole wall uniform and stable without shrinkage strain.



The initial thermal conductivity is at the range of 18.5mw/(m*k)-21.5mw/(m*k). Compared to the same building energy-saving insulation requirements for thermal insulation material, wallbody is more thinner and use area of building improves 1%-3% with more saving thermal insulation material.


(2)Excellent fireproof performance assuring no fire hazard in construction and use process



After the combustion test of 1300℃ acetylene flame, polyurethane insulation panel form carbonization but no molten drop and spread. Without fire-barrier belt, HBL external thermal insulation system of insulation panel first passed large fire safety test of national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center.


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