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Tech licensing business

Tech licensing business

Solo-PO tech

Propylene Oxide, PO, CAS No. 75-56-9, is a widely used chemical intermediate, mainly used in the production of polyether polyols, propylene glycol, propylene glycol ethers, flame retardants, synthetic lubricants, surfactants, propylene carbonate etc. The propylene oxide derivatives, POD, are widely used in refrigerators, cold chain, automobile, construction, food, tobacco, medicine and cosmetics industries, and its applications cover all aspects of basic industries, national defense and daily life consumptions.

The first solo-PO facility in China is totally developed by HBL Group and patented. This solo-PO technology has advantages of low initial capital investment, less types of feedstocks, low wastes quantity, high safety level, good product quality and no co-products.

l  Low initial capital investment:the solo-PO method is an improved co-oxidation method, which is similar to PO/SM method but does not have to balance additional facilities to produce co-products. As no additional capital investment for co-production of SM or MTBE/TBA, the PP&E investment cost is significantly lower than co-oxidation method.

l  Less types of feedstocks:this solo-PO technology does not need alkylation process, and the byproduct dimethylbenzyl alcohol could transfer to cumene through the hydrogenation process and returns to the cumene oxidation process. So less types of feedstocks and only propylene, hydrogen and a small amount of cumene are required. Except the supply of hydrogen, other feedstocks' supply chain could be easily managed.

l  Low quantity of three wastes:the amount of waste water is significantly lower than the HPPO method, and far lower than the chlorohydrin method. The capital invest and operation cost of treating three wastes are much lower.

l  High safety level:the oxygen source carrier (cumene) has a higher boiling tempeture, and the solo-PO tech allows a higher concentration of the carrier, so the peroxide concentration used in the actual production of the solo-PO method is much safer than the HPPO method.

l  Good PO quality:the high-efficiency catalysts have good selectivity, high propylene conversion rate, high PO purity, low aldehyde and acid content, and no PPO. It could be a more favorite feedstock for high-activity polyether and high-end odor-free polyether polyols.

l  No co-products:dimethylbenzyl alcohol could be recycling, so there are no co-products and PO is not affected by the market of co-products. With the solo-PO tech the production scale could be adjusted to the market requirements.

HBL Group can provide a full set of production technology services such as technology licensing, process tech package preparation, start-up guidance and staff training for 300kt/a PO production.


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