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Mission: to provide green products and services to make the world a better place

Interpretation: to provide customers with products and services and processes in accordance with energy conservation, environmental protection and green philosophy; Through the development of green chemical industry, the provision of green products and services will contribute to the improvement of human living environment.

Vision: become industry leader

Interpretation: the market share of polyurethane hard foam composite polyether, alcohol amine and energy saving new materials, etc. Through technological innovation to provide customers with the best cost-effective products and services, customer satisfaction scores first; To be a state-level green chemical and circular economy demonstration enterprise; Lead the formulation of relevant national standards, standardize and guide the healthy development of the industry.

Core values: contribute to society and realize self

Interpretation: development enterprises adhere to the aim of "four" (i.e., for the country, for the employees, for shareholders, for the society), by improving the service ability and level, social return value of the enterprise existence.

In carrying forward the enterprise "three heart three love" spirit (tree faith, resolve, persistence; Love enterprises, products, love yourself), and stronger, do big, do long enterprises at the same time, guide and motivate employees on red polaroid business platform, continuous learning, innovation, in the process of pursuing careers to realize the value of life.

Target: first-class products, first-class products, first-class benefits, first-class enterprises

Interpretation: "the first-class character of the tree" requires to be a person, to be a man, to be a human being, to emphasize "benevolence" and "righteousness", "benevolence" means care, and "righteousness" to realize the responsibility and obligation of "benevolence".

"First-class products" means that products and services are not only high quality, but also energy conservation and environmental protection.

"First class benefit" means that enterprises should not only realize profits beyond the industry average, but also ensure ecological and social benefits.

"Building a first-class enterprise" refers to the world class enterprise, which is a comprehensive embodiment of "first-class personality, first-class products and first-class benefits".

Style: tree confidence, determination and persistence

Interpretation: the "three heart" style is a concrete witness of the development process of the red polaroid enterprise, and a valuable experience for the future development of red polaroid. Confidence is the precondition of business and confidence in scientific decision-making. Determination is the precondition of action, the source of power, and the strength of it. Perseverance is the guarantee of the career and the hope of the future.

Spirit: love enterprise, love product, love oneself

Interpretation: the "three love" spirit interconnects and interacts with each other.

Love enterprise refers to employees' understanding and identification of the red polaroid culture and the strong will to join the red polaroid team, and the employees will love and help each other and grow together. Love product is love red polaroid enterprise, with red polaroid to revitalize the national industry to contribute; Love oneself, achieve self-respect self-reliance self-improvement, with the enterprise and growth common development. Only love oneself, can be able to love products, love enterprise

Purpose: for the country, for the customers, for the employees, for the shareholders, for the society

Interpretation: the core of the scientific concept of development is how to develop, who rely on the development, how to divide the development achievements, the development of red polaroid results for country, secondly, customers, three for the shareholders, four for the employees, five for the society.

Development philosophy: strong, big and long

Interpretation: the road of the centenary of red polaroid is "strong, big and long", which is to be strong first and then bigger, so that the purpose is to be long. The foundation of strong is to make the technology to do the essence, the product and the service cost performance is the best, the consultancy service achieves the best. "First-rate people" and "first-rate products" are the basis of the big, "first-rate benefit" and "first-rate enterprise" are the guarantee for long.

Development path: institutional innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, market innovation, cultural innovation

Interpretation: institutional innovation is the guarantee, including the innovation of enterprise system and mechanism. The core of mechanism innovation is the innovation of human resource management mechanism. Management innovation is the foundation, red polaroid management mode is to promote enterprise core competitive ability of management, the goal and the gap is defined as the status quo of the problem, is committed to establish a long-term mechanism to solve the problem; Technological innovation is the prerequisite for the leading rivals to meet the personalized demands of customers. Market innovation is the manifestation, it is the enterprise implement differentiation strategy to meet customer demand concrete manifestation; Cultural innovation is the key. Red polaroid culture is the soul of enterprise development. Without culture, there will be no lasting core competitive advantage, and there will not be a staff of loyal red polaroid enterprise.


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