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Research and development platform

Research and development platform

(1) national postdoctoral research station
Post-doctoral scientific research workstation is a country to develop, use and attract high-level professional and technical personnel, accelerate the construction of high-level professional and technical personnel, according to the overall planning of postdoctoral work. In 2008, the group to further perfect the enterprise as the main body, market oriented, the combination of technology innovation system, with nanjing forestry university, nanjing university of science and technology, many colleges and institutes, such as the establishment of a long-term project cooperation carrier, including product development, personnel training, information exchange, and many other aspects, to introduce and cultivate a batch of high-quality research and development personnel.
(2) jiangsu enterprise technology center
In 2005, Hongbaoli Group Corporation, Ltd. Technology center in the center of the city on the basis of the upgrade of jiangsu province enterprise technology center, the center of the upgraded on market orientation, to independent innovation and combination, and completed over 100 research projects, the development of new products, new technology more than 50 items, give full play to the enterprise technology center in enterprise technology innovation system and guidance and demonstration of the construction of enterprise independent innovation ability, technical progress of polyurethane and alcohol amine industry upgrade play a positive role in promoting.
(3) jiangsu province polyurethane engineering center
Jiangsu province polyurethane engineering center is a research and development entity approved by the provincial development and reform commission in 2012 to promote the development of high-tech industries. Center to the market as the guidance, manufacture-learning-research cooperation, the important applications of polyurethane field of scientific research for subsequent engineering and system integration, to promote technology transfer and diffusion, leading the province and the progress of the flame retardant polyurethane industry upgrading in China, promoting the international competitiveness of polyurethane products in China.
(4) jiangsu province alcohol amine engineering technology research center
Jiangsu province engineering research center for alcohol amine is in 2006 with the main technology supporting institution, nanjing polytechnic university, on the basis of good technical exchanges, by jiangsu province in 2006 by the science that the scientific research and development of entities. Through engineering of high and new technology research, explore a combination of energy saving and environmental protection green alcohol amine production technology process, fundamentally reverse the domestic situation of alcohol amine backward production technology, to break the foreign technical barriers and alcohol amine products production monopoly, to promote our country medicine, pesticide intermediates and the development of surfactant industry to provide technical support and engineering application support. At the same time, through the supporting institution of nanjing university of science and technology cooperation, make "the center" high-tech professional talents and the cultivation of inter-disciplinary talent base and alcohol amine product technology at home and abroad cooperation and the exchange of information platform.
In 2009, the company and the changchun institute of applied chemistry of the Chinese academy of sciences jointly established the nanjing high-tech research and development center of the Chinese academy of sciences and the center of the industrialization center of alcohol amine (the research center for the technology of alcohol amine engineering). New center at the Chinese academy of sciences changchun should do rely on, to study alcohol amine to synthesize green and emphasizes the synthesis of new type of polyols preparation by supercritical fluid technology applied to the outside of isopropyl alcohol amine organic amine and special field of polyols as the direction, for our country the development of fine chemical industry to provide advanced technical support.


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