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Shen xiaoyong, as the city's representative, congratulations to the group's science and technology branch

Shen xiaoyong, as the city's representative, congratulations to the group's science and technology branch

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On July 31, from nanjing gaochun district the 12th congress of the communist party of China on the good news, our company by high in science and technology branch Shen Xiaoyong elections, as representatives of nanjing 14th congress of the communist party of China, is also the one of the youngest in gaochun delegation.

In 2010, shen came to the red polaroid company after graduating from university and started as a regular developer. As is known to all, chemistry research and development work is boring and dangerous, and Shen Xiaoyong said: "research and development of chemistry class is a very important work, since chose this job, we're going to do it, do best." Is with "do a line, loves a line, the single-minded line, fine line" in the afternoon, Shen Xiaoyong in others' eyes, "boring" work made a wonderful interpretation, is evaluated many times the outstanding staff, outstanding party members and the top 10 staff, this is elected through layer upon layer, area from the 12th party congress on behalf of the municipal party congress on behalf of.



Shen xiaoyong, male, born in 1985, graduated from nanjing university of forestry and graduated from nanjing forestry university. He is assistant director of the institute of alcohol amine research institute of red polaroid group.

In the lab of no.10 workshop, I saw shen xiaoyong recording the data in front of the equipment, filling up a dozen notebooks. Because of the chemicals are flammable, explosive dangerous, no air conditioning in the lab, entered the lab, a heatwave struck, we'll feel even in hot weather, nearly 40 degrees Shen Xiaoyong and his team members must also in the sweltering heat, 24 hours a day to stay in the laboratory. Because of the night shift, the cabinet in the room is stuffed with instant noodles and milk, this is his midnight snack; The deck chair next to the cabinet is his makeshift bed. "To do a good job of research, we should have a solid foundation and a serious attitude." In 2013, shen xiaoyong was appointed leader of the research and development project team of downstream products of alcohol and amine, and faced up to the new situation and tasks, he resolutely carried the burden, often in the experimental zone one day and one night. Because China undergraduate course and the research study is chemical engineering and technology major, Shen Xiaoyong have good theoretical knowledge, but to work better and more carefully to complete the experiment, he used the rest time to brush up on the books, the Internet access to information, regular meetings with my colleagues to discuss the problems in the experiment.

His hardworking and diligent work spirit has led colleagues to praise him. Group, party branch secretary dong-ping huang said that science and technology, Shen Xiaoyong into the group in 2010, successively in 6 years participation and independent took five topics in the research and development, to apply for 4 invention patents, obtain authorization item 2, in domestic core journals published three papers. At ordinary times more carefully on work colleagues, employees work in life meet with difficulties, he will try our best to help, smooth realization from a "graduate" to the change of the role of "excellent staff, excellent party member".

During this year's flood control and flood fighting, Shen Xiaoyong also actively join unit organization of flood control and the commandos, as the fourth brigade captain, work during the day to participate in the drill, on-the-job on standby in the evening, because home is in nanjing city, for several weeks without reunited with his family. "As a party member, we should pay more than the masses, take the big picture and downplay the small me, and go ahead and do it." Shen Xiaoyong said, it is because the red polaroid provides such a platform for oneself, to be able smoothly elected delegates, then must go all out to fulfill their duties, never live up to everyone's great trust.