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Hebei province added 8.1 million square meters of green building

Hebei province added 8.1 million square meters of green building

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By the end of September, a total of 8.10 million square meters of green buildings were added in hebei province, with a total of 2621.36 million square meters of newly built buildings. The green building area accounted for 30.96% of the newly constructed buildings.

According to the introduction, in recent years, the prefabricated buildings in our province have been developing rapidly, and according to the characteristics of the province, the steel structure is the main direction of the assembly building. At present, the whole province has 49 kinds of steel member production enterprises, the annual design and production capacity of 1.78 million tons; There are 202 construction projects under construction and 2.23 million square meters of construction area. These projects include residential buildings and public buildings and factories. In June, the provincial government issued the accelerate the steel structure building development plan, clear before the end of 2020, the new towns construction steel structure of commercial housing and rural residents to build steel structure residential projects, by the government, where the project is located at 100 yuan/square meters.

Last year, after cracking down on solid clay brick kilns, the provincial building office actively promoted the transformation of rural residential construction and promoted the construction of rural assembly low-rise housing. This year, we will focus on eight counties, such as pingshan, fenggrun and wading county, to carry out pilot projects for rural assembly. At present, the whole province has implemented nearly 400 sets of rural assembly low-rise residences, completed 77 sets and 175 sets under construction.

It is reported, the next step, our province will throughout the province, especially in shijiazhuang, baoding, etc. More than 3 million population of the city to develop the prefabricated concrete structure, steel structure, modern timber structure and mixed structure, such as new build in 10 years time, the prefabricated construction accounted for more than 30% of the new buildings.




From: hebei housing and urban-rural development hall

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