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Technology and equipment

Technology and equipment

Technology and equipment

(1) hardware

With 5000 m2 of r&d laboratory building 2 and supporting auxiliary, environmental protection facilities, equipped with the necessary research and development equipment, technology research and development have a test in development, pilot magnification, formula and debugging, testing analysis for the integration of comprehensive research and development equipment.

(2) test facilities

Have a complete set of r&d facilities and pilot facilities. Pilot facilities include: a set of annual output of 1000 tons has the domestic leading level of pentane non-fresno portfolio polyether pilot plant, an annual output of 1500 tons has the international advanced level of zero discharge of supercritical continuous synthesis of isopropyl alcohol amine pilot plant, an annual output of 2000 tons of Quito yuan alcohol pilot production device, a set of modified PVA high barrier packaging materials pilot plant.

(3) testing facilities

Gel permeation chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), foaming process analyzer, high pressure foaming machine, refractive index detector, gas chromatograph, chromatographic data processor, dimensional stability tester, rotational viscometer, trace moisture titrator, HYGROS - 250 environmental control box; Spl-10kn universal testing machine; 1330 closed-hole rate meter, thermal conductivity meter, infrared radiation thermometer, etc.

(4) information facilities

Equipped with more than 120 brand computer, realizes the broadband connections, joined the Chinese knowledge resource pool, EI database, and a number of database and realized in the ACS database and online query DIALOG, for making effective use of information resources. Cooperate with provincial engineering technology center has established the literature information center platform, provides research and development of science and technology literature information resource service, including project database processing services platform, the Chinese and foreign patent information service platform, etc., for the company's scientific and technological innovation to provide the literature information resource support and guarantee. Cooperate with nanjing institute of standardization, strengthen and standardize technical requirements, improve technical standard system construction.


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