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Talent team

Talent team

Institute of on-the-job technical personnel more than 100, of which the high-level talents province "333" project of two, three city young industry technology leader, senior professional and technical personnel 15, 36 intermediate professional and technical personnel, formed a high technical level and rich practical experience, reasonable structure, research and development team, for our company to carry out technical innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements have laid a solid foundation.

Senior expert:

Yao zhihong: born in April, 1968, party member, undergraduate, senior engineer, leader of the technical subject of youth industry in nanjing city, and expert of the fifth council of polyurethane industry association. In July 1990, graduated from the department of nanjing university high polymer synthetic materials, from 1990 to 1999, engaged in fine chemical industry in nanjing institute of resin synthesis and applications of surfactants and the research and development work. Joined red polaroid in 2000, mainly engaged in polyurethane, polyether polyol, alcohol amine compounds synthesis of research and application development work, successively presided over the cyclopentane non-fresno portfolio polyether products, pipe insulation non-fresno portfolio polyether with full water and spraying composite polyether products with full water, HFC - 245 - fa non-fresno portfolio polyether product, low density, low K value, low index, quick demoulding, high temperature resistant, flame retardant, high density resistance with special functions such as product, with ecological and cost advantage of vegetable oil Quito alcohol ring such as new product development, the development and preparation of project. A total of 5 achievements have been identified through the scientific and technological achievements of the jiangsu provincial science and technology department, and 10 authorized patents have been awarded. Many papers have been published in important domestic publications. Current director, chief engineer and chief quality officer of nanjing red polaroid co., LTD.

Zhang Chaolin: born in September 1951, the Chinese communist party party member, graduate, senior engineer, under the state council, enjoy special government allowances, the national chemical industry outstanding scientific and technical workers, outstanding scientific and technical workers in jiangsu province, nanjing city model worker, sinopec has outstanding contribution of science and technology and management experts. He has completed more than 20 research and development projects, including 3 national-level projects and 10 provincial and ministerial projects. Won the provincial scientific and technological progress the first, second and third prize seven, municipal science and technology progress, 4 items of second prize, one third ministerial chemical applied basic theory research, 1 item of third prize of excellent engineering design, special gold medal 1 national Patent Office patents, three consecutive terms for China's technology market golden bridge awards, etc. He has published more than ten articles in the core journals and authorized 11 patents, including one in the United States. "C306 and C307 methanol synthesis catalyst" won the gold award of China international invention exhibition, special gold award of China international patent and famous brand fair, jiangsu excellent patent gold award, etc. Immediately south of sinopec group, dean, secretary of the party committee and concurrently director of China chemical industry association, the United States as a chemical engineer association, director of the national chemical catalyst quality supervision and inspection center, standing director of jiangsu province chemical industry and chemical industry association, jiangsu province, deputy director of the technology and so on. Current director of nanjing hongbao group research institute.

XingYiHui: born in December 1970, the Chinese communist party party member, bachelor degree, senior engineer, China polyurethane hard foam experts, "333" high-level personnel in jiangsu province, nanjing city model worker, nanjing young industry leader, nanjing staff positions and innovative skills. Since in 1992, has been engaged in the synthesis of polyurethane products application technology research and development work, has undertaken many national torch plan, spark plan, the development of science and technology plan of jiangsu province, 65 items of scientific and technological achievements have been achieved, by identifying the 10 provinces and cities results among them, form important 6 items of scientific and technological achievements, science and technology progress prize at the municipal level above 3 items, including "cyclopentane non-fresno portfolio polyether type" project won "the ninth national excellent project prize" of technological innovation. 19 has authorized patents, more than professional papers published articles, lead to develop the solar energy water heater with rigid polyurethane foam plastics and the refrigerator freezer with rigid polyurethane foam plastics and so on more than national and industry standards. Current director of nanjing hongbao group research institute and the director of polyurethane.

Zhang shu: born in September, 1974, a member of the CPC, master's degree, senior engineer, jiangsu "333" high-level talents, and the leader of the technical discipline of youth industry in nanjing. Mainly engaged in the study of synthesis isopropyl alcohol amine and distillation separation process development, released the new technology of supercritical fluid method for synthesis of isopropyl alcohol amine ", "isopropanolamine industry development present situation and prospect, such as paper, 10 has authorized patents, more than professional papers published articles, lead to develop the industry with a isopropanolamine," industrial use three isopropanolamine "and so on more than national and industry standards. The "20,000 tons of supercritical synthetic isopropanolamine technology" declared by the organization has won the second prize of nanjing science and technology. The research and development of the 20kt/a isopropanol amine project through the technical appraisal of jiangsu province science and technology commission, the technical result is a domestic initiative, reaching the international advanced level. He is the general manager of nanjing red polarol amine chemical co., LTD and the director of the research center of the research center of alcohol amine engineering in jiangsu province.


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