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Research and development organization

Research and development organization

The red polaroid institute is based on the original technology center, integrating existing resources to meet the development requirements of the company and established in 2010. The institute has three research institute (including polyurethane research institute, institute of alcohol amine, new materials research institute), three functions of center (including scientific research management, analysis, testing center and comprehensive management office), and management of enterprise technology center of jiangsu province, jiangsu province engineering research center for alcohol amine, polyurethane engineering center of jiangsu province and the national post-doctoral scientific research workstation, Shared the entire group co., LTD. Product development and technology research and development work.

1) institute of polyurethane, polyurethane industry at home and abroad pay close attention to developments, around the new product development, optimized production technology, raw material quality assessment, tracking of the product and service, with the international advanced technology as the goal, monomer synthesis and formulation design and development work, promote the green upgrades and technical progress of polyurethane foam technology, for the company for the country has brought remarkable economic and social benefits.

2) institute of alcohol amine, dynamic tracking the alcohol amine industry technology, improve the optimization of existing products and technology, deep research on alcohol amine machine rational, develop alcohol amine product applications, the synthesis and application technology of downstream and derivatives development research, improve the added value of products, improve the alcohol amine product seriation research and provide cost-effective quality products.

3) new material research institute, focus on new materials technology trends, synthesis and application of technological progress, a positive development quality level has reached the domestic leading and international advanced flame retardant polyurethane thermal insulation material series products construction, meets the demand of building energy-saving insulation of new materials such as technology, actively involved in the standardization construction, eagerly anticipates the healthy development of the industry, strengthen the market development.

4) scientific research department, institute annual target according to company strategy and planning requirements, the process of project management, supervision, follow up, inspection, rectification, to research and development for the record, declare, ensure that research and development of the project of research and development goal. To do a good job of consolidate research and development, improve the security measures, set up management system of the intellectual property right and intellectual property rights incentive mechanism, the core technology in time into a patent or standard or proprietary technology, curing the core technology.

5) analysis of the test center, mainly instrument analysis, including the comprehensive analysis of the raw materials and products, the improvement of testing method, testing standard of revision, the daily management of all kinds of instrument maintenance and acquire new equipment purchase, etc., for new product development and technical research to provide accurate, detailed, professional inspection data and analysis report, for the quality control in production process provide the necessary technical support and improvement program.

6) comprehensive management office, according to the research work objectives and work plan, cooperate to study the different functional departments, coordinate other departments units, equipped with personnel services, logistics and resource, save the relevant technical data, statistics of all kinds of instruments and facilities management, supervision and improve the safety, health and environment research institute, organize institute of outreach work, reception, meeting, ensure that research each work smoothly, to achieve the goals of each stage.


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