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Chemical name:        1,1’,1”-Nitrilotri-2-propanol

Product Name:         Triisopropanolamine (TIPA)

CAS No:               122-20-3


Product Specification

TIPA Content:           ≥98.0%

MIPA and DIPA Content: ≤2.0%

Water Content:         ≤0.5 %

Appearance:           White to brown solid

Structure Formula:      C9H21NO3

Melocular Weight:      191.27


Physical and Chemical Characteristics 

Smelling:               Light ammoniacal odour

Specific Gravity:         0.994 g /ml(60℃)

Boiling Point:           305℃

Freezing Point:         45℃

Flash Point:            160℃

Solubility:           83g/100ml (20℃)



Cement and concrete: Used to improve later strength of cement and the grinding efficiency;

 Rubber production: Used as a chain extender;

Polyurethane: Used as a cross-linker;

Metal working: Used as a metal tempering preparation, antioxidant;

Medicine and Pesticide: Used as a material of intermediate to neutralize the acidic components, emulsifier, dispersant. Used to

synthesize herbicide.


Packed in drum, net weight 215kg, Isotank and IBC are available.

TIPA with different concentrations are provided as required. Generally, TIPA 85.0% and TIPA 90.0% are available. 


Store in a cool and dry place, prevent from sunshine and rain. Shelf life is one year, and after then it could still be available once

passed the chemical test.

Safety & Toxicity

Generally present no toxicity, alkalescence but do not irritate skin. It should be prevented from spilling into the eyes while handling.

High flashing point. combustible, non-explosive. Extinguishing media: foam, dry powder, water and so on.