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Chemical name:          1,1’-Iminodi-2-propanol,

Product Name:           Diisopropanolamine (DIPA)

CAS No:                110-97-4


Product Specification

DIPA Content:            ≥99.0%

MIPA and TIPA:          ≤0.5%

Water Content:          ≤0.5%

Appearance:            White to light yellow solid

Structure Formula:       C6H15NO2

Melocular Weight:        133.19


Physical and Chemical Characteristics 

Smelling:                Light ammoniacal odour

Specific Gravity:          0.984g /ml (60℃)

Boiling Point:             248℃

Freezing Point:           42℃

Flashing Point:           127℃

Solubility:                87g/100ml (20℃)



Gas treating: Used to remove acid gas such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in natural gas and refinery gas;

Surfactant: Used to adjust the surface tension, used as a good emulsifier, wetting agent;

Fiber Processing Agent: Used as a lubricant, antistatic agent, refining agent;

Medicine and Pesticide: Used as a material of intermediate, emulsifier, dispersant;

Paint and Coating: Used as a neutralizing agent for resin, assistant agent for dyeing, neutralizing agent for electrophoretic paint;

Metal working fluids: Used as a metal tempering preparation, antioxidant;

Papermaking additive: Used as a defoamer and a fluorescent brightener.


Packed in drum, net weight 200kg, Isotank and IBC are available.

DIPA with different concentrations are provided as required. Generally, DIPA 85.0% and DIPA 90.0% are available. 


Store in a cool and dry place, prevent from sunshine and rain. Shelf life is two years, and after then it could still be available once

passed the chemical test.

Safety & Toxicity

Generally present no toxicity, alkalescence but do not irritate skin. It should be prevented from spilling into the eyes while handling.

High flashing point. combustible, non-explosive. Extinguishing media: foam, dry powder, water and so on.