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Social contribution

Social contribution

  Company in the pursuit of economic efficiency, protect the interests of the shareholders at the same time, actively fulfill the social responsibility, protect the legitimate rights and interests of creditors and employees, the good faith with suppliers, customers and consumers, and actively engaged in environmental protection, community building and other public welfare undertakings. We should adhere to people-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation and promote social harmony.
  1. Warm engineering
  The company's support for the people, carrying out the activities of "delivering warmth, giving love" and "helping the poor". The trade union has established the archives of difficult employee's affairs, carried out difficult staff and assistance activities, issued assistance to the needy and effectively alleviated the difficulties of the difficult staff. Before the Spring Festival, visit the retired workers (disabled people), and ask the old staff about their life, and express their concern for the old workers. Every year, the company organizes various forms of condolence activities to send the most cordial greetings to the most lovely people.
  2. Rural construction
  Companies take an active part in local activities for poverty alleviation, helping Korean pine village 18 destitute families, aggravation for vulnerable groups, with DongBa Korean pine village all the year round pair, village enterprises build, drive the local economy, the construction of the beautiful countryside. We will support the development of local sports undertakings, and sponsor the Asian youth games.
  3. Support public welfare undertakings
  For years, the company has been actively supporting charities. Setting up a charity fund of gaochun county charity association, donating 600,000 yuan a year to support charity work; Donation to set up student award fund, set up in the south institute, province chun "red polaroid" scholarship fund, fund excellent students, encouraged the students to set up great ideal, become a great asset to society construction; Every year, we will visit the children of primary and secondary schools and children to send them to the festival. Support the national education career construction, accept the college graduate to come to the company internship, provide the career development platform for them, help its growth.
  4. Donation to charity and disaster relief
  The company creates an atmosphere of "devotion and dedication". If one party is difficult, the company and employees donate voluntarily to help the poor sick staff to tide over the difficulties. The 2008 wenchuan earthquake, the first time the company donated 1 million yuan, and started party members to pay special party expenses earthquake relief; Donate 300,000 yuan to yushu earthquake stricken area.
  5. Other contributions
  In 2013, the company donated blood to the Red Cross society of gaochun and organized its employees to donate blood. In 2014, the company donated money to gaochun to promote social positive energy. Participated in the charity auction activity in gaochun district for many years, and dedicated to the cause of public welfare.


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