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R&D cooperations

R&D cooperations

Production, Study and Research Cooperation

Hongbaoli – Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Hongbaoli and Nanjing University of Science and Technology together founded “Isopropanolamine and its prolongation products development and industrialization” production, learn and research platform, to make IPA production craft and quality to be the leading in the world and make the company to be the largest research and development center and production base of alkylamine in the world.

Main cooperation contents:

a. To supply technical guides for the enterprise;

b. To build up technique guide system for technique staff and technique problem solving systems in production processing

c. To improve and perfect present production craft and technology;

d. To develop Isopropanolamine prolongation products

e. To assist the company to build up an alkyamine information communication center.

Hongbaoli – Nanjing Forestry University

Together with Nanjing Forestry University, Hongbaoli founded a production, study and research platform of “Agriculture forest plant deep machining development and its industrial applications in Polyurethane and other chemical industry fields”. Its target is to tackle key problem of bio-polyol applications in polyurethane fine chemical fields, and change the embarrassed situation of no independent knowledge property right in China polyurethane industry.

Main Cooperation contents:

a. The application of agriculture and forestry products in Polyurethane;

b. The application technology of plant oil bio-polyol in polyurethane rigid foam;

c. Production technological consultation and service in polyurethane industry;

d. Polyurethane project technology research and development.

Knowledge and property right cooperation and communication

Enterprise patent information service platform

Through Jiangsu Provice Patent Information center, Hongbaoli Company supplied patent literature and data to seven countries and two organizations, including China, America, Britain, Japan, France, Sweden, German, Europe and WIPO, and built up china-foreign countries patent information service platform.

The platform contains patent information searching system, patent stratagem analysis system and patents data. Patents data contents include: China Patent Abstracts and Patent Abstracts and attached drawing from other five countries and two organizations, including Britain, Japan, France, Sweden, German, Europe and WIPO.

¤ Cooperation with Jiangsu University, the company made up Jiangsu provice enterprise knowledge and property right management standard.


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